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Susan Clark Chase is a novelist and songwriter. She has worked as a Manuscript Reader at Harvard Review., holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard University, and has been admitted to the Iowa Writers' Workshop summer program.

She is also a performer, winning a title (Miss Texas USofA Diva) in the USofA pageant system--the largest drag pageant system in the world.

Susan believes passionately in the power of storytelling and has a lifetime love of libraries and books. She speaks regularly at writing conferences and events and seeks out quirky independent book stores, beautiful nooks for reading, and gorgeous libraries wherever she travels. She also adores vampires, grimoires, gothic buildings, ancient lore, and all things witchy.

Her loyal hound Lord Byron (a giant Newfoundland dog) is always by her side. She also has an affinity for gold-nibbed fountain pens, velvet dressing gowns, and candlelight.   

Favorite haunts: Forbidden woods. Dark tower surrounded by ancient tomes. The gardens of Versailles at midnight. The Underworld.

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